How About An Introduction?

Understanding how people behave in organizations is not easy. If it were, the world would not need consultants, human resources personnel or even managers; a lot of us would need to go out there and get what my mother calls “a real job.” Thankfully, understanding how to get people to work together, effectively is not like riding a bike, or learning to play Wii Sports. It involves a tremendous amount of knowledge of human psychology, a solid grasp on what it is organizations do, as well as how and why they do those things. Perhaps more importantly, understanding humans in organizations involves the humility to understand that were are unlikely to find “the” right answer, but we may find a few pretty good ones. Seriously, if anyone ever tries to sell you the magic bullet, run away. Far away!

Blog Goals

Why would you want to read this blog? A quick search will reveal dozens of blogs on management, human resources, motivation, leadership etc. Truth is, no one needs to read it. Organizations find a way to survive without guidance; those that don’t are quickly replaced by their betters. However, helping your organization survive and/or prosper entails doing something your competition isn’t or doing something they are doing, only better. That’s where I come in. My goal for this forum is to provide my readers with the best insights from the world of industrial/Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Management, Leadership and Business. Sometimes this means I will review recent scientific work that I think practitioners might find useful. Other ties I will share experiences that can serve as examples of things that organizations do right, or they do very, very wrong (those are more fun, aren’t they?). More often, I will react to items in the news or the bloggosphere.

With any of the above, I hope that my readers will learn something valuable, or at least interesting. Where I can, I will make it as entertaining as I can… Let’s face it, you can read other blogs. But if you read mine, I will do what I can to make you laugh (chuckles and smirks are also acceptable)

while you learn.


~ by George Guajardo on June 15, 2009.

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