What Not To Ask

Howdy y’all!

It has been a while since i updated this blog regularly. Sorry! I have been focusing on finding a new job and keeping my crops alive in Farmville (I wish I was kidding). I want to say I will be better about updating, but I am not in the habit of making promises I am not sure I can keep.

Anywho…. i ran across this blog post I thought deserved as wide a circulation as possible. HRM Today helpfully compiled a list of questions you should never ask a candidate, along with questions that are permissible. Now, most of my readers are HR professionals and probably have this list tattooed on their forearms already. It is not you folks making these mistakes. Sadly, you are not the only people getting information from candidates. In my experience, professional HR reps are not even in the room when people are being hired. This is probably a sad state of affairs for you HR types, but it represents a true liability for the organization doing the hiring.

Do your organization’s selection agents know what not to ask and why? If they don’t, guess who will be cleaning up their mess?


~ by George Guajardo on September 26, 2009.

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